Wednesday, March 04, 2009

On finally feeling better

This morning I don't think I would have been able to type that heading.

I felt really awesome when I jumped out of bed this morning. I thanked God that I was feeling better and kept moving right along. Molasses started to drift in though and I started to move slower and slower and feel crummier and crummier.

Part of that I attributed to something other than the sickness but I still didn't feel well enough to stay the entire day. I made plans to leave at noon... that way it wouldn't count as an absence.

Then right before I left I started to feel better, probably attributed to the ibuprofen I took before I had my devotions, and I called Mom to ask her if it would be alright to still plan on coming home at noon. She said definitely yes. I'm glad I made that plan.

As the morning wore on I felt progressively worse and made it through the morning as well as my errands (library and latte).

Once I got home though I started to feel better. I've thought that I've been feeling better over the past couple of days but turned out to be wrong. I think that I'm right this time because I'm actually hungry again. I wasn't this morning but now I am. Well... not hungry but not stuffed after a bite.

My mood is better now too. I thank God for that.

Eleven days to go.

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