Friday, March 06, 2009

On rolling with the punches

Every experience that I have in the classroom should be a learning experience. My title says student teacher and I really am learning as I go.

I don't have the best teacher... or the kind of teacher I would like but I like any other student learn from any teacher no matter what the proficiency is.

Some punches came my way today (I won't go into detail) and one specifically threw me for a loop. I'm still processing it and trying to figure out how to work in that "constructive criticism" into my daily behavior.

I also had to deal with students ready to be out for the weekend... cooped up and full of energy. I realized later that I made quite a few empty threats and that is probably one of the reasons that the kids (especially 7th period) started to "misbehave" in the way they did was because I wasn't following through. I need to especially next week since that is the only other week where I will have responsibility for all of the periods.

I am definitely praying that God will help me through the remaining seven weeks (six weeks of classes) because it is only with His help that I will be able to do this.

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